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Every working day, Word of Truth Ministries receives emails from those who desire for God's guidance in the midst of life's difficulties.

Many want to know how to resolve personal issues such as loneliness, abuse, anger, anxiety, fear, failure, and depression, hurting marriage and family relationships, while others want to learn how to have a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.

Word of Truth Ministries provides personal discipleship counseling for those who desire by email their particular concerns. Our goal is to provide a safe place where lives and relationships are transformed by the power of Christ. 

 You will experience unconditional love and acceptance as burdens are lifted, dignity restored and freedom is unleashed for the journey called life.

Do you need help with: Depression, Self-Esteem, Stress, Guilt, Fear, Drug Addictions, Pornography, Homosexuality, Anger Management, and Parenting? Personality disorders, Marital Problem, Unfaithfulness and more...



Life has its challenges doesn’t it? We gain, we lose and we experience so much.

Depression comes along when some things happen in our lives that we feel we can't control. It could be physically-based or spiritually-based.

However it comes about, it can be devastating. Or, it can be a step to a better level of understanding why we are here!

Imagine, it doesn’t have to destroy us!
Have I been depressed? You bet! Did I handle it by myself? Sometimes. Other times I got help.

 It is just one more thing in life we deal with. Let me help you sort it out and look for a way to deal with it. Your Savior Jesus Christ is more than a doctor or therapist.

But we need to get it sorted out first then make a plan...I'd be glad to help. I have some neat ideas from the Word of God, and you don't have to feel alone.


Stress is a normal part of our life. In fact, many of us seem to function better with a little pressure in our life. But what happens when we become overwhelmed? What happens when the stress level becomes too great?

When that happens, we tend to need specialized help from God - counseling specifically designed by the Word of God to help us manage and eliminate the often crippling effects of stress. That's why we need help - we need specialized stress counseling from the Word of God.

Christian Marriage Counseling.  Slow down.  Relax.  Welcome to a marriage counseling style that’s comfortable and completely full of gracefulness for the fulfilling of the purpose of God.  Word of Truth Counseling Ministry’s Marriage Counseling - Christian Marriage Counseling Advice in sensitive to the needs and feelings of married couples and competent.  Our marriage counseling invites you to enjoy and live your marriage life according to the will of the Lord. 

Sex Counseling

Word of Truth Ministry’s sex counseling provides problem solving help and solutions in sex and sexual issues problems addictions abuse and recovery.   Have you ever found yourself bombarded with thoughts about sexual things and can’t stop thinking about them?  Are those thoughts overcomes you or leading you to do things and act in ways that you do not want?  Are you finding yourself addicted to pornographic and you know its wrong and want to stop but can’t? Do you feel as if you are alone in this area and want to get help but are too embarrassed to do so? Don’t feel alone.  Millions of people across the Globe suffer with the same issues and feel just as helpless and embarrassed.  As we all know sex is constantly being popularized and yet made to look glamorous and appealing by the media and many forms.  Sex is constantly being pushed in people’s faces through almost every area from seemingly movies and advertisements to obviously pornographic films to even so-called “Christian” movies. Having a new boyfriend or a new girlfriend in a love relationship every month is just another part of being “in fashion”.   Engaging freely in sex and regularly partaking in one-night stands is all just following the modern culture of easy way.   But the moves around the Globe apparently forgets that multiple sexual partners that come from who knows where and has who knows what will eventually sooner or later lead to infection of Venereal diseases, with HIV and ultimately AIDS of which there is no cure. And it won’t stop but most reveal that they started doing the sexual things they were doing after a certain thought entered their minds.  Usually the person thinks it is just their own thought and keeps thinking about it; and before long the person’s thoughts are now filled with those similar thoughts, and many times they are worse and finally they lead us in to destruction. The person may want to stop thinking these thoughts but he or she cannot. 

 They cannot control the sexual thoughts they think as they could earlier. This can lead the people in several different directions of Hell.

We are here to help you and lead you the right direction and prepare you as a right person for fulfilling of the God’s purpose in your life.