Prayer for the Nations

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Editor Speaks from the War Zone

Prayer for the Nations is the product of God’s heart-burn for the nations of the world. The world map is God’s road map to agonize for the nations of the world. Intercessors are the warriors of God who sense the heart-beats of God and accordingly pray with passion for the perishing world.

This is an end-time mission of God and a mandate to rescue people from the clutches of the devil and those slipping into raging fires of hell. It is a rescue mission located a few yards away from the hell. It is also a dangerous mission for the intercessors and the Ambassadors manning “Prayer for the Nations” who are spearheading the mission of a direct confrontation with the devil. Those engaged in the confrontation have no alternative but to fight. No match fixing with the devil is possible no matter how intense the battle is and how disastrous the consequences are. If you touch the devil the devil pounces on you but whoever touches you, touches the apple of the eye of God. That is the assurance and hope of the warriors.    

At the head quarters in India “Prayer for the Nations” a member engaged in preparation of prayer maps were attacked by sting rays in the heart of the city of Visakhapatnam. They came from no-where and attacked him. They severely bit the man and me who tried to save him by scattering the sting rays. The man had to be rushed to the hospital for urgent medical treatment. Attacks of the kind are engineered by invisible forces of darkness and the irony is that in a city with millions of population only me and my colleague was targeted.

There is no logical explanation to such precisely targeted attacks of the devil. Devil’s actions find expression in different ways and means. Devil attacks on the health of near and dear ones, family members and squeezes one financially and engineers un-natural attacks to have it’s last laugh at the end of the day.But as the scripture says that we are not ignorant of his devices. His devices are to water down the intensity of the warfare and to divert the attention of the warrior from warfare. The devil does not waste time attacking every one but it surely does not spare those who shake it’s foundation, the foundation of the devil’s domain. Those engaged in intercession are his potential enemies. Those engaged in warfare cannot on the other hand fiddle with love for money, women on the wrong side of life and with trivialities of life.

Intercessors are the supersonic fighters of God’s kingdom. Either they consume the fires or the fires consume them. I am sending this magazine with a great sense of urgency and with fervent prayers that this would be a vital link with branches of Prayer For the Nations and that this would be instrumental in igniting flames of revival as a result of fervent prayers by intercessors for “the church under attack” as never before in the history of Christian Church.

It is my burden that many would catch the spirit of prayer and intercession and order for “Prayer Maps” besides making this magazine the largest circulated in the world. Your prayers are being solicited for expansion of “Prayer for the Nations” in all the nations of the world and for appointment of Ambassadors to represent the mission in every country.The objectives of our mission is to …..(a).   Put prayer first and foremost (above all) for the nations  (b).   Produce 100,000 Prayer Centers throughout the world.   (c).   Place intercessors around the clock for the fulfillment of God’s promises.  (d).   Bombard the throne of God with prayer until His will be done on Earth.  (e).   Reveal the heart of our Heavenly Father through prayer for the nations.  

We have the biggest world map in the world.  For those who want to start prayer cells of   Prayer for the Nations in their areas concerned, prayer map will be provided.  Please pray about supporting this move of God Irrespective of your standing in the society, God wants you to join us in prayer. 

 Elijah was a man subject to like passion as we are but he believed God as was demonstrated when he prayed earnestly that it might not rain, and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months; And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit” (James 5:17, 18).  God is looking for Elijahs to trigger in a spiritual revolution. The birth of prayer for the nations ministry had taken place after spearheading a ministry spanning over four decades. During the time God took me to minister in 25 nations and unknowingly lay the foundation for the ministry of prayer and intercession. This is your time to pray with tears.  God bless you abundantly! With passion for prayer.

Rev. PrasannaKumar.